Wireless environmental tracking app for SensoScientific​

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Cooperation time

7 months

Team size

3 people


React Native, .NET, Web API


Our customer, SensoScientific, is a USA-based top provider of environmental measurement software and hardware, IoT solutions and compliance automation. From their foundation in 2005, they’ve been the vanguard of modernisation with the help of IoT capacities and the evolution of wireless surroundings monitoring systems that are easily scaled. With unique systems, products and services on the menu, they can meet strict criteria around temperature and other environmental variables, such as humidity, differential pressure, light, and CO2. SensoScientific offers wholly automated systems to meet the requirements of major healthcare facilities, laboratories, drugstores, IDNs, GPOs, universities, and restaurants across USA.

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As a thriving business, SensoScientific had both a web portal and mobile application. Their cloud is compliant and powered by the Microsoft Azure platform. But at some point, they faced two problems. First, maintenance of their cloud solutions was insufficient and expensive. Second, their mobile application was somewhat outdated, and to secure a sophisticated user experience, they needed to upgrade it. So our Reenbit team was eager to support them and resolve any of their technical troubles.



We assembled a team of three developers and started a productive partnership that lasted seven months. First of all, we decided to conduct a discovery on how to drop the price of cloud maintenance. After indepth research and analysis of the SensoScientific conditions, we offered recommendations that would reduce the cost of cloud sustenance by 2.5 times.

Later on, we inspected the existing mobile application that needed improvements and decided to rewrite it from scratch, being sure to develop not only old functionality but also add innovations that would advance SensoScientific customer’s user journey.

Developed features:

  • Connectivity to Wi-Fi through the application;
  • Simplified user login with the help of SSO provider;
  • Data mobility with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy);
  • Enhanced dashboards with information stored for up to 6 months;
  • Alerts and notifications;
  • Ability to control and configure devices.



The Reenbit team delivered a sound and exceptionally professional development service. As a result, the SensoScientific team received recommendations on how to manage their cloud smart and a brand-new mobile application that became effortless to use, while providing a seamless user experience and offering new functions to users.

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