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Web and mobile applications development and support

Cooperation time

2 years – ongoing

Team size

3 people


.NET, Node.JS, React, Next.js, React Native, MongoDB, My SQL, Azure, AppCenter


A client in the healthcare industry reached out to Reenbit with their existing mobile app designed for medication reminders. This portal assists doctors in monitoring patients’ health. Patients use a pills reminder app to schedule and track their medication intake and health metrics, like body temperature and blood pressure. The app sends data to the portal, allowing doctors to review patients’ information and medication adherence.

Our client encountered difficulties in effectively managing the app’s usage and integrating it into their workflow. Reenbit team was tasked with developing a web portal from scratch for medical employee use.


Medication reminders


The client’s existing mobile app had weak backend integration and slow data transmission to the web portal used by healthcare professionals. A problem has been found in securing communication between server services to prevent unauthorized access and possible DDoS attacks. Without adequate protection measures, the integrity of their data and services remained vulnerable to exploitation.

Furthermore, understanding user behavior emerged as a critical aspect of optimizing service delivery and enhancing user engagement. This included tracking patterns such as uninstallations to identify areas for improvement and tailor offerings to meet user needs and preferences better.

Case Study Healthcare Mobile App


Our implemented features include the following:

  • Development of a web portal from scratch, complementing the existing mobile application.
  • Integration of Google services, including ReCaptcha and Firebase, for bot protection and secure authentication.
  • CleverTap integration (monitoring user engagement and uninstallation events).
  • Implementation of microservices’ architecture for scalability, flexibility, and fault isolation.
  • 7-day guest mode for users to trial the app without registration.
  • Social media login functionality (in progress) to enhance user convenience.


E health services


Through careful analysis, Reenbit developed a personalized solution for the client’s mobile app and operational requirements.

Our team developed a web portal and improved the existing mobile app using various technologies, such as .NET, Node.JS, React, Next.js, React Native, MongoDB, MySQL, Azure, and AppCenter.

Integration of an event-driven microservices architecture, employing DAPR, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Redis Cache, ensured seamless communication among backend services.

Google ReCaptcha and custom policies for Azure API Management were implemented to bolster security measures. CleverTap APIs were seamlessly integrated to monitor user behavior, enabling the implementation of targeted engagement strategies.


Healthcare App


Reenbit successfully facilitated the evolution of healthcare operations, leading to better patient care and increased organizational efficiency in the healthcare sector.

  • Seamless mobile application and web portal integration improved healthcare professionals’ ability to monitor patient health.
  • User satisfaction ratings increased by 25%, reflecting the enhanced usability and functionality of the integrated solution.
  • User engagement rates doubled, resulting in better patient treatment and health monitoring adherence.
  • The adoption rate during the trial period increased by 30%, leading to higher conversion rates and long-term user retention.
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