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Reenbit is a сlient-focused software development company based in Eastern Europe. We were founded in 2018, and already have 60+ tech experts onboard. Our team has over 10 years of experience in tailored software development, using the cloud platforms and modern software technologies. From the idea validation right down to delivery, our team provides a full cycle of technical consulting, product development, cloud migration and integration services, as well as platform expertise.

Our delivery team practices agile, high-quality communication and transparent processes during each service phase. We have a flat organizational structure, resulting in a quick decision-making process and direct communication between development parties.

Reenbit stands out from the crowd because we’re a solution partner ready to take customer challenges head on. We propose profound technical expertise and can work within any models that fit our client’s needs, offering a dedicated team approach or staff augmentation.

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Superior technical solution delivery to businesses on the verge of transformation.


Continuous growth within complex and meaningful products.


  • Eagerness for the latest technical horizons.
  • Professionalism to the maximum extent.
  • Flexibility in arrangements and operations.
  • Dominant focus on success.


Reenbit was founded by five tech aces back in 2018. We were united by profound technical expertise and an unfortunate background of facing insufficient work models. So we decided to run a business, which we would be able to feel proud of and empower our mastery to the fullest.

The core vision was to create a company with a flat organizational structure, where decisions are made in a democratic way, omitting any boogiemen of micromanagement. We aimed to build a company where people have opportunities to bring value and are recognized and appreciated by others. And we succeeded. Our very first client launched quickly after the foundation, and we started a sparkling ongoing partnership. Since then, Reenbit has prosperously launched 34 clients. As a result, we have 57 delivered projects and 12 ongoing.


57 delivered projects
60% of employees are senior staff
10+ years of experience
34 happy clients
88% of staff is fluent in English
100% excellent communication skills
42 professional certifications earned by team members
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Igor Tabas / CEO

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Previously, a .NET prodigy and Microsoft Azure expert, Igor now holds the title of CEO at Reenbit and is responsible for developing a thriving IT organization. With more than 13 years of professional experience, today, Igor handles an entire cycle of business operations and guides customer experience advancement. He’s keen on building intelligent processes and systems while leaving room for imagination and creativity within his team.

Volodymyr Luzhanytsya / CDO

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With more than 11 years of professional experience, Volodymyr is one of Reenbit’s Co-founders and holds the position of Chief Delivery Officer. After earning a master’s degree in applied mathematics, Volodymyr went on to build a brilliant career within top IT enterprises in Europe. As a .NET and Microsoft Azure ace, Volodymyr brings crisp architecture vision and technical mastery to the table. At Reenbit, he is the driving force of technology infusion, profound business analysis and smart team management

Vasyl Magometa / CTO

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Vasyl holds the position of Reenbit Chief Technology Officer and is an inspirational leader for the entire engineering department. During his 13+ years of professional achievements, he has not only become a Microsoft and Azure Cloud certified expert but has also managed development teams of up to 100 engineers. Vasyl is a technological visionary who sets delivery targets, foresees trends and is on the front line of innovations. Additionally, he supervises the mobile development services unit and the education of first-year team members 

Yuriy Butkevych / Technology evangelist

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Yuriy has more than 11 years of experience within the software development industry. Yuriy’s career as a software engineer has given him a solid technical background and strong leadership skills. Holding a master’s degree in applied mathematics and Microsoft certificates, he has designed and managed development teams, building numerous business solutions for vendors and big enterprises. Yuriy is responsible for overseeing the company’s main operations and is passionate about using software and technology to create value for businesses 

Volodymyr Yarymovych / Lead Data Engineer

Reenbit 100

Volodymyr maintains the position of Lead Data Engineer at Reenbit and is a Microsoft-certified Azure developer. After obtaining a master’s degree in applied mathematics with the legendary workMethods of Green’s functions and domain decompositions in solving complex boundary value problems of potential theory in R2’, he built a thriving career within top engineering companies in Europe. With extensive experience in facility management, e-learning and finance domains, Volodymyr now works not only with .NET technologies but also with data analysis and data engineering, leveraging the full potential of Power BI.  

Yevheniya Matrosova / Head of HR

Reenbit 333

Yevheniia has more thanyears of experience in HR and recruitment, working as Head/Lead for overyears. She graduated from the Business School of Leadership and Management. Yevheniia has served as a tutor for multiple recruitment schools. She has managed 15+ team members at a time and staffed more than 200 experienced IT specialists single-handedly. Her experience includes building HR/R processes from scratch for various companies 

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Poland, Warsaw 00-682

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+48 222 087284

Ukraine, Lviv 79000

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