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Are you ready to launch a new technological solution but need help figuring out where to start? The product discovery team at Reenbit can help!

The foundation of any successful project lies in a thorough understanding of the problem and a clear roadmap for its solution. That’s why we offer comprehensive product discovery solutions that help our clients eliminate risks, establish trust, and build smarter visions for their projects. Read more

Whether you’re looking to bring your business idea to life or take your existing product to the next level, Reenbit is here to guide you through every step. Read on to discover more about the benefits of a discovery phase service for software development, the key players involved, and the technologies we use to bring your vision to life.

Get ready to dive deeply into your business idea and unlock its full potential! See less

Why and when do you need product discovery for project?

  • You have a product idea but don’t know how to bring it to life
  • You need analytical expertise to define all requirements of a product
  • You require market research to ensure product competitiveness
  • You want to have a planned budget
  • You’re not sure about the tech stack for your project
  • You need guidance on team composition
  • You lack a development plan
  • You want to eliminate all risks beforehand

Product discovery provides a platform for in-depth exploration of the business requirements and helps to shape the final product. It enables teams to identify key features, user stories, and potential technical roadblocks and evaluate the project’s feasibility.

Furthermore, the discovery phase services for product development help to establish a shared understanding of the project goals and objectives, which is crucial for the success of any IT project.

Reenbit's Product Discovery Process


This involves a detailed examination of the business requirements and objectives.


The next step is to analyze the requirements and identify potential solutions to meet the project goals.


The team will create prototypes to validate the concept and evaluate the user experience.

Technical proposal 

Reenbit will create a technical proposal outlining the solution architecture and project plan based on the results of the discovery phase.

Project charter 

The project charter identifies the scope, goals, and key stakeholders involved.


Reenbit will provide a detailed estimation of the time and resources required to deliver the project.

Benefits of a Discovery Phase

Risk elimination

A discovery phase can help identify and address issues early on by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the project requirements, constraints, and potential risks. This can reduce the likelihood of unexpected challenges and delays, increasing the chances of successful project delivery.

Ingrained roadmap 

Product discovery services lay the groundwork for the project roadmap, establishing clear goals and a plan for achieving them. This roadmap can help keep the project on track and ensure everyone is working towards a common vision, increasing the chances of successful project completion. Get started today with Reenbit and harness the potential of product discovery to propel your project to success!


Our discovery products and services foster open communication and collaboration between the stakeholders and the project team, promoting trust and mutual understanding. This helps create a positive project environment, reducing the likelihood of conflict and improving overall project outcomes.

Smarter vision

The data and insights gathered during a discovery phase can inform and refine the project’s vision, helping to ensure that it is achievable and aligned with the stakeholders’ goals. This can result in a more focused and effective project outcome, delivering greater value to all parties involved.

Discovery Phase Deliverables

1. A vision and scope to outline the project's
objectives, risks, mission, and priorities 



2. A market analysis that details the market context
for your product 



3. A technical proposal outlining all technical requirements;
the product, its features, the software requirements, tech stack, etc. 



4. UX/UI prototype to test the product 



5. A project charter to define the project 









6. A development plan & work breakdown structure (WBS) to
determine milestones and timelines 



7. A team composition plan detailing the Reenbit experts who will
be working on your project 




8. An estimates proposal that outlines the budget



These deliverables will provide a clear understanding of the
project requirements and a roadmap for successful delivery.

Who is involved in the discovery phase

Business analyst 

The business analyst ensures a thorough understanding of the business requirements and goals.

UI/UX designer 

To evaluate the user experience and create prototypes.

Solution Architect 

To provide technical expertise and validate the solution architecture.

Key technologies we use

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Let’s dive deep into your business idea

Reenbit understands the importance of a solid foundation for any successful project. That’s why diving deep into your business idea during the discovery phase is critical for success.

During this phase, we work closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and potential obstacles. This information is then used to create a roadmap that will guide the project from start to finish.

Case Studies 


What are the objectives of discovery phase services of IT projects? 

Reenbit’s software discovery phase service aims to help businesses validate their ideas and create a solid plan to bring them to life. We focus on understanding business goals, defining problems, and identifying the best solution. Our goal is to minimize risk, build trust, and create a smarter vision for the future.

What happens after the discovery phase? 

After the discovery phase, Reenbit will provide you with a detailed plan that outlines the next actions to bring your business idea to life. This may include a technical proposal, project charter, estimation, etc. We’ll work with you to ensure you have all the information you need to move forward confidently.

Who needs the product discovery service? 

Our product discovery services are ideal for companies of any scope, from startups to established enterprises. Whether you have a brilliant business idea or need help bringing your concept to life, our discovery phase services can help.

What happens if you skip the discovery phase? 

Skipping the discovery phase can lead to several risks, including project delays, increased costs, and unmet expectations. By participating in our discovery phase, you can minimize risk and ensure that your business idea is viable before investing significant time and resources.

Why take part in a discovery phase? 

Taking part in Reenbit’s discovery phase provides many benefits, such as risk elimination, an ingrained roadmap, trust, and a smarter vision. Our experts will work with you to validate your idea and create a solid plan to bring it to life, helping you achieve your business goals and your vision.

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