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Our core Services

Azure Cloud

We have a good experience in building high load cloud based solutions. Our cloud experts know how to efficiently use the whole power of Azure, reduce costs and time-to-market, manage complex environments by setting up proper CI/CD pipelines.

Web Development

We are experienced in building web-based solutions, SaaS products with Single-Tenant or Multi-Tenant architecture, internal company systems. On a frontend side, we work with most modern frontend frameworks, but our main focus is Angular.

Data Engineering and Power BI

We help businesses to manage their valuable data which involves processing, storing and analyzing that data for further decision making. From a BI perspective, we use Power BI to present data in various visual formats, which allows trends and patterns to be more easily detected.

Case studies
(project name disclosure is under NDA)

We work on a web application that offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for same day, overnight and international courier services. The software helps courier businesses manage their customer bookings, back office operations and drivers towards improving efficiency.

Reenbit transformed desktop version to the web, set up automated CI/CD pipelines, automated infrastructure and customized application monitoring.

London, UK
ASP.NET Core, Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, Angular 8, MS SQL
Size of team:
3-4 developers
12 months

We have developed the next generation open, transparent platform that is set to reimagine how you watch, interact and share content. Reenbit  team has integrated platform with payment systems (stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin), added chat, DRM, video analysis, implemented API for mobile app and made integration with third parties.

London, UK
.Net Framework, Azure, Media Services, Azure Video Analysis, Blockchain
Size of team:
4 developers
18 months

Our team developed the POS platform that automates all aspects of dispensary ecosystem. Inventory management, Point of Sale, Store Operations, Employees management integrated together help dispensaries manage everything in one place. Reenbit implemented the platform from scratch, which allowed us to use the latest technologies following the best practices.

Portland, USA 
ASP.NET Core, Azure, Angular 10, MS SQL
Size of team:
4 developers
8 months
NRC Community Coordination Toolbox

The NRC Community Coordination Toolbox aims to provide a repository of carefully developed and tested tools to support the displaced populations in creating systems for meaningful and inclusive participation in coordination of services and assistance in their formal or informal camp, neighbourhood or collective centre, with a particular focus on achieving equal participation of women and marginalised groups.

ASP.NET Core, Azure, Angular 10, MS SQL, Azure Cognitive Search
Size of team:
3 months
What our clients say...

The Reenbit team has been absolutely fantastic to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone. Each team member is knowledgeable and has demonstrated so much dedication to the project. Not only do they take the time to really understand the requirements, but they have made well-thought out suggestions that improve our overall end goal. I feel like Igor, Yuriy, Anton, and Vasyl are truly our partners and we are lucky to have found them!

Cree Robinson

The Reenbit team has a high level of development skills. They bound through challenging tasks very quickly. The big plus for our project was Reenbit’s extensive expertise with Azure Cloud solutions.

What I also like is that all developers are energetic, easy to communicate, well organized and reliable

Founder/CEO of LiveTree

Reenbit has exceeded all of our expectations and we feel that we have a true partnership with the team.

Not only have they not missed a meeting nor deadline, they’ve also improved many technical and functional aspects of our application by deeply analyzing our requirements and professionally challenging our reasoning.

I highly recommend the Reenbit team and will personally continue to work with them as long as I am in need of development.

Louis Masensi
Co-Founder, lead tech Person

Reenbit showed excellent understanding of complex problems during the conceptual stage and managed to turn these understandings into an easy to use application that delivered powerful results.

They set good and fair expectations around estimates and timelines and managed to deliver on those throughout the duration of the project.

Founder at Dataloop

Reenbit successfully completed the assignment of creating a public repository for NRC. The team has shown absolute dedication to deliver within the given timeframe, while proving flexible in adapting to evolving requirements due to some late feedback from early testers. The solution designed was praised by colleagues and stakeholders, and it’s now being use as model and building block for future similar products. We are grateful to the Reenbit team and we hope to work with them again in the future.

Giulio Coppi

Digital Specialist at Norwegian Refugee Council