Digitalization of space management solutions for Cloudbooking

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Facility management


Full-cycle development, Mobile development, Cloud development

Cooperation time

2 years – ongoing

Team size

15 people


Azure, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, .NET core, ASP.NET Core API, ASP.NET Core MVC, Cosmos DB, MS SQL Server, Redis, SignalR, Durable Functions, Microservices Architecture, CQRS, GraphQL, React JS, Reactive Extensions, React Native, Google Apps Script


Our customer, Cloudbooking, is a market-leading UK-based workspace management company that delivers a cloud-based reservation eco-system for world-known companies like Fiserv, Intuit, Airbus, and Experian. They’ve been operating for more than 20 years and, during this time, have continually provided a dynamic response to the evolving needs of businesses and workplace leaders. Their primary goal is very straightforward: to help organizations make the right business decisions about their two most important assets, employees and real estate, by assisting the organizations to unlock the power of technology and data to solve the growing future of work challenges. Their solutions include room booking, desk booking, visitor management, car space management, and more.

Cloudbooking helps its customers manage vast amounts of internal real estate quickly and efficiently, enriching employee productivity and well-being. Additionally, they offer an intelligent insight system by analyzing data to enhance the workplace and employee experience.



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Cloudbooking users worldwide


Countries represented by their clients

Cloudbooking in numbers:


Standing at the forefront of a new digital workplace era, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cloudbooking team decided to revolutionize its platform to ensure it could evolve and scale to meet the growing demands and challenges its customers faces in this new era of work. The Reenbit team was recommended to the Cloudbooking C-level management team and has shown great eagerness to become their technological partner. We signed a deal, which was the start of a successful alliance.



The decision to extend a team to another country was not easy for Cloudbooking, so we started with isolated tasks at first. We’ve begun by developing a notification system. This service served as a reminder for users about bookings and included an automatic notice email system, letting users know about booking updates or cancellations.  

With time, the Cloudbooking team has experienced exceptional delivery from the Reenbit side and decided to work with our team as their own. During our cooperation, up to 15 members of the Reenbit team were fully integrated into the UK-based Cloudbooking unit.

In the second stage of our partnership, we’ve engineered a system for booking rooms. This included creating and configuring rooms at the administrator part and importing and exporting systems. To deliver this, we’ve boosted the existing architecture.

We proceeded later on to the development of synchronization of booking systems with Google and Outlook calendars. Integration with third parties is what makes Cloudbooking products unique and competitive on the market, and that’s why we’ve paid careful attention to the proper construction of these integrations. 

Also, we’ve helped develop car space management, equipment administration systems, and Covid-related service features.

Reenbit’s front-end expertise was leveraged to provide a user-friendly UI/UX, improving the overall experience for users. The structure of Cosmos DB documents was changed for more optimal access to data, improving the performance of existing services.



Combining these features enhances productivity, streamlines operations, and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Sync Service Integration (Outlook & Google): Seamlessly syncs calendars with Outlook and Google, ensuring users can access their bookings effortlessly on their preferred platforms.
  • Reporting: Provides detailed reports and analytics on booking history and resource utilization, aiding informed decision-making.
  • Fixed Equipment: Allows users to select a workspace with all essential amenities, such as a sizable wall-mounted blackboard.
  • Floating Equipment: Supports booking of flexible resources like laptops, projectors, or vehicles, enhancing resource sharing and allocation.
  • Multi-Resource Booking: Simplifies the booking process for complex scenarios by enabling users to book multiple resources, rooms, or equipment for a single event or project.
  • User and Resource Administrations: Offers robust user and resource management, allowing administrators to control access, roles, permissions, and resource allocation for efficient operations.



As a result of our partnership, the Cloudbooking team has achieved more rapid development and reached delivery goals on time.

  • The Sync Service integration efficiently handles multiple customer requests, effectively meeting the needs of a growing user base.
  • Implementing new features has improved productivity and significantly lower maintenance costs, allowing customers to allocate resources more effectively.
  • The platform now offers a user-friendly interface, enhancing user satisfaction and ease of interaction with the system, ultimately leading to a more positive user experience.

 This success story highlights the importance of leveraging technology and expertise to address complex software integration issues and drive business growth.

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