Enhancing food sustainability with LCA Automation for UK company




Environmental Sustainability


LCA automation, SaaS services

Cooperation time

2/2021 – ongoing

Team size

4 people


.NET, C#, React, JavaScript, SQL Server, Python, Microsoft Azure DevOps


Our client, operating in the UK, specializes in environmental sustainability, offering Products Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) automation and SaaS services. With a global reach, they assist food companies in achieving their carbon neutrality goals by assessing the carbon footprint of their products, modeling emission scenarios, and evaluating progress. 

The demand for sustainability in the food industry has surged, leading companies to conduct comprehensive analysis and reduction of their environmental impact.


UK Food Industry Sustainability


The primary challenge was the vast size of the supply chain, presenting hurdles in performance, data preprocessing, and validation. The client, driven by carbon neutrality objectives, needed an efficient solution for assessing and minimizing the carbon footprint across its extensive supply chain.

Implementing carbon life cycle assessment methodologies proved instrumental in overcoming these challenges and achieving a holistic understanding of the environmental impact.


  • Carbon footprint analysis of the supply chain

The collaboration focused on analyzing the supply chain’s carbon footprint. Understanding the intricate details from raw material extraction to disposal, including energy use, water consumption, waste generation, and emissions, was essential for pinpointing areas for reducing environmental impact and making sustainable business choices.

Environmental Impact of Food Production (3)


Reenbit responded with a comprehensive Microsoft Azure-based architecture, utilizing various Azure services ranging from Azure Storage and Azure Database to Application Services, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lakes. Incorporating Azure DevOps ensured a seamless development lifecycle, covering sprint planning, task management, documentation, and continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD).

LCA Automation Tools (3)


The implementation of modern technologies from Reenbit has allowed our client  to:

  • Automate LCA Processes: Dramatically reduce assessment timelines from months to days.
  • Optimize Supply Chain: Streamline processes, reducing CO2 emissions and transitioning from manual to automated systems.
  • Cost Savings: Leverage Azure Cloud expertise for significant cost savings.
  • Eco-Optimization: Review and optimize products and services to minimize emissions.

As consumers become increasingly conscious, we cannot overstate the importance of sustainable practices in supply chain management. Collaborations like these are pivotal for a greener future.


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