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United Arab Emirates





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5 weeks


Fotopia Technologies is a United Arab Emirates-based company that develops modern content management solutions for the contemporary digital era. They build ingenious software solutions focusing on enterprise content management for Microsoft SharePoint. These solutions are aimed at managing the entire content cycle, starting from capturing the document to viewing, editing, collaborating with a team, signing, and stamping.



Fotopia Technologies sells licenses for the usage of their solutions separately or in different custom-made packs. As their business grew, they realized there was a need for an internal portal for managing those licenses. However, due to the fact that their internal development unit was jam-packed with the development of products, Fotopia Technologies faced a need for extra technical support. They contacted Reenbit with a request for a license solution estimation and provided some materials from their previous contractors.



Upon thorough investigation, we noticed that the provided materials needed to be improved and decided to offer Fotopia Technologies an opportunity to conduct discovery before starting any further development. They agreed, and we started our cooperation. Thanks to mindful attention to customer requests, we were able to assemble an architectural vision for the future license management portal. It was constructed from these central units:

  • Sign-in page
  • Company portal
  • Admin and Super Admin component.

Basically, each participant in the process had clear visibility of the bought licenses for products or sets of products, statistics, payroll information, license renewals, and support modules. Super Admins also had access to assigning and creating new products or groups of products, invoicing, and emailing. In addition, we provided sophisticated mockups and wireframes.



As a result, we delivered the Fotopia Technologies team a comprehensive document with an architectural concept, technical proposal, development requirements, and UX foundations for further development. We were happy to help our client fulfill a need for improving their technical capacity.

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