Microservices expertise for the energy domain digitalization leader in Germany 

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Full-cycle development

Cooperation time

2019 – ongoing

Team size

6 people


Microservices, Azure, .NET Core, Kubernetes, SQL, Azure storage, Azure DevOps, Azure ARM, Azure Key Vault, Angular.


Our client, eClou, is a German-based company specializing in the digitalization of the energy industry. Their business purpose lies in marketing and distributing energy, energy-related products, and services to end consumers. They also develop, sell, and allocate software that converts the energy purchase cycle into a straightforward process for all participating parties. They are a B2B business working with national and private organizations.

Microservices expertise for the energy domain digitalization leader in Germany 


This client contacted Reenbit because they needed help with the Admin desk for one of their existing products. This was a relatively simple task, so we promptly provided engineering help. But later, our client shared the exciting news that they would be starting a brand-new product to be built leveraging the whole power of microservices. With a small development team on board, he needed additional technical expertise, and we were pleased to offer everything necessary for their business to thrive.

Microservices expertise for the energy domain digitalization leader in Germany 


When we launched the partnership, we assembled a team of 6 people and started a cooperation that ultimately lasted for more than 3 years. We began with the aforementioned product development using microservices. Our client had a groomed prototype, so we simply utilized this and developed a single service. This tool serves as a sort of process optimization for energy providers, allowing them to log, manage, and predict energy usage within their distribution areas. In the way the requirement was implemented, it is unique in the market and provides valuable insights. The outcome was successful; eClou hit the first round of investment, and as a result, we were asked to provide additional 20 services.

After finding Reenbit to be a reliable and solid technological ally, our customer decided to involve us in the creation of one more product that was planned to be built from scratch. In simple terms, this product was intended as a platform for creating a shop for energy-related products. In reality, however, it was not that simple. Undoubtedly, we aimed at a sophisticated UI and UX design for users. But the energy industry in Germany is a rather complex field that requires advanced decision-making from a technological stance, involving specific rules for consumers, particular methods for price calculations, individual discount restrictions, etc. To manage this, we also built an integral admin section for the portal. Notably, this platform can be shared by multiple tenants, which means that a variety of contractors in this domain can use the platform and alter it according to their individual needs.

Microservices expertise for the energy domain digitalization leader in Germany 


Partnership with eClou has been both a challenge and a treasure. Their unique products and great expertise in the market have expanded Reenbit’s team domain knowledge, and our technical expertise has become an important drivers of their growth.

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