How to integrate IT staff augmentation with your existing IT team

Igor Tabas
Igor Tabas

What is staff augmentation and how does it work?

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that involves hiring additional staff on a temporary or long-term basis to support a company’s existing workforce. It provides access to a larger talent pool to fill skill gaps, increase productivity, and handle short-term projects or unexpected workload surges. This strategy can benefit companies that need to scale quickly, have a specific project with a tight deadline, or maintain business continuity during staff shortages. Staff augmentation can also help businesses reduce overhead costs associated with recruitment, training, and employee benefits, making it a cost-effective solution for staffing needs.

how to integrate it staff augmentation

When is staff augmentation recommended?

Staff augmentation is recommended when a company has needs that its current workforce cannot fulfill. Here are some situations where staff augmentation may be a viable solution:


First, when a project requires specific skills that the existing team does not possess, staff augmentation can be an effective solution. IT companies, for example, often need access to a diverse range of specialized skills to complete projects.


Second, when a company has a short-term project with a tight deadline, staff augmentation can help provide additional resources to complete the project on time.


Third, staff augmentation can be helpful when a company needs to immediately boost its capacity. For example, if a business experiences an unexpected workload surge or has a sudden need for additional resources, staff augmentation can provide the necessary support.


Fourth, staff augmentation can be beneficial when a company wants competence in a specific field. By choosing staff augmentation services, a company can access a pool of talent with specific expertise that they may not alternatively be able to find within their existing team.


Finally, staff augmentation is a good option when a company needs to scale up quickly. By hiring additional staff on a temporary or long-term basis, a company can quickly increase its workforce without committing to full-time hires, which can be beneficial in the long run.

How to choose the right staff augmentation model?

Choosing the suitable staff augmentation model for your business can be challenging. The first step is to determine your specific needs and goals, such as the required skill sets, the project’s expected duration, and your budget. Once you clearly understand your needs, you can explore the different staff augmentation models available. Time and material-based models are ideal for short-term projects, while the staff augmentation team is better suited for long-term projects that require ongoing support. Fixed-price models are helpful when the project’s scope is well-defined and a specific budget has been allocated. Hybrid models, which combine elements of different models, can provide more flexibility and customization. Ultimately, the suitable staff augmentation model for your business will depend on your unique circumstances, and it’s essential to work with an experienced IT partner like Reenbit to ensure that you choose the most appropriate model for your needs.

How to apply a staff augmentation model in your company?

Implementing a staff augmentation model in your company can be a valuable strategy to help you achieve your business goals. Here are the steps to apply a staff augmentation model in your company:


Determine the specific skills and expertise required to achieve your business goals.


Select an experienced IT partner like Reenbit to help you identify and onboard the right candidates for your project.


Clearly define the project’s scope, including the expected duration, budget, and deliverables.


Begin the process of sourcing and screening candidates to ensure that they possess the necessary skills and experience.


Once you have selected the right candidates, onboard them and ensure that they are integrated into your team.


Manage the team by setting clear expectations and monitoring their performance to ensure that they are delivering the expected results.

How to manage an augmented team?

Managing an augmented team can present unique challenges, but by following best practices, you can effectively manage your team and achieve your project goals. First and foremost, it’s essential to set clear expectations and communicate your goals and objectives to your team. Doing so ensures that everyone is on the same page and moving towards the same objectives.

Regular communication is also crucial to managing an augmented team. Schedule regular check-ins and meetings to stay in touch with your team and monitor their progress. Providing feedback is another vital element of team management. Regular feedback to your team helps them improve their work and ensures they meet your expectations.

Support is another critical factor in managing an augmented team. Providing your team with the resources they need to be successful, such as access to software, tools, and training, can help them deliver the results you need. Tracking your team’s performance is also crucial to ensure they meet your expectations and deliver the expected results.

In the end, recognizing and rewarding your team’s achievements can help motivate them and show your appreciation for their hard work.

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IT staff Augmentation working with a core team: does it work?

Yes, IT staff augmentation can work effectively with a core team. By augmenting your core team with additional resources and expertise, you can quickly scale up your capabilities to meet the demands of your project or business. This model allows you to leverage the strengths of both your core team and your augmented team, combining their expertise and knowledge to achieve your project goals.

Working with an IT staff augmentation partner like Reenbit can help you identify the specific skills and expertise you need to complement your core team. Your partner can provide additional resources, such as developers, designers, and project managers, who can work collaboratively with your core team to deliver the expected results.

One of the assets of working with a core team and augmenting it with additional resources is that it provides flexibility. You can quickly adjust the size and composition of your team as your project evolves, scaling up or down as needed to meet changing demands.

Moreover, staff augmentation can provide cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to expand their team. By augmenting your core team, you can avoid the overhead costs of hiring and training additional staff members.

Tips for seamlessly integrating IT staff augmentation into your company

Integrating IT staff augmentation into your company can provide numerous benefits, but it also requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips for seamlessly integrating IT staff augmentation into your company:


To ensure seamless integration, it’s essential to establish clear communication channels with your augmented IT staff. Make sure that everyone on the team is aware of project goals, timelines, and expectations. Encourage regular communication to avoid misunderstandings and promote transparency.


IT management plays a crucial role in ensuring successful staff augmentation integration. Managers should work closely with their augmented team to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to succeed. They should also provide guidance and feedback to help the team stay on track and aligned with the company’s goals.


Building a collaborative team culture is essential to ensure that your augmented team integrates seamlessly into your company. Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members to foster a culture of cooperation and teamwork.


A trusting work environment encourages responsibility and accountability among team members. Building trust with your augmented team can create a work environment that fosters ownership, responsibility, and a commitment to quality work.

How to succeed with team augmentation?

Team augmentation can be an effective way to expand your team’s capabilities and deliver successful projects. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed with team augmentation:

  • Clearly define project goals and expectations

    Before engaging with an augmented team, it’s essential to define project goals and expectations clearly. Establish specific deliverables, timelines, and success metrics to ensure that everyone is aligned with the project’s objectives.

  • Select the right augmented team

    Choosing the right augmented team is crucial to project success. Look for a team that has experience in your industry and specific project requirements. Ensure the team has the skills and expertise to complete the project successfully.

  • Provide the necessary resources

    Augmented teams require the necessary resources to succeed. Ensure that they have access to the tools, software, and infrastructure needed to complete the project successfully.

  • Monitor progress and adjust as necessary

    Regularly monitor progress against project goals and adapt as necessary. Be proactive in identifying and addressing issues that may arise to ensure that the project stays on track.

Where to find a reliable IT staff augmentation company?

Finding a reliable IT staff augmentation company can be a daunting task. Here are some ideas to help you find a trustworthy partner:

  • Ask for referrals: Reach out to your professional network and ask for referrals. Get recommendations from colleagues or peers who have previously worked with IT staff augmentation companies.
  • Conduct research: You can research potential IT staff augmentation companies online. Check out their website, reviews, and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Check for relevant experience: Look for IT staff augmentation companies that have experience in your industry and specific project requirements. Check their portfolio and case studies to see if they have worked on similar projects before.
  • Look for certifications and accreditations: Check if the IT staff augmentation company has relevant certifications and accreditations that demonstrate their expertise and commitment to quality.
  • Evaluate their communication and collaboration skills: Communication and collaboration are essential to the success of an augmented team. Evaluate the IT staff augmentation company’s communication skills during the evaluation process.
  • Check for their ability to scale: Ensure that the IT staff augmentation company has the capacity to scale quickly if needed to meet project requirements.
  • Evaluate their technical expertise: Check if the IT staff augmentation company has the technical knowledge needed for your project. Look for specialized skills and certifications that are relevant to your project requirements.

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In conclusion, staff augmentation can effectively expand your team’s capabilities and deliver successful projects. It allows you to quickly and easily scale your team without requiring lengthy hiring processes. By choosing the right augmented team, establishing clear communication channels, providing necessary resources, fostering collaboration, and monitoring progress, you can succeed with team augmentation and achieve your project goals.

If you’re looking for a reliable IT staff augmentation company to help you with your projects, consider contacting Reenbit. With a team of professionals and a commitment to quality, Reenbit can provide you with the specialized skills and expertise needed to complete your project successfully. Contact us today to discover more about our IT staff augmentation services and how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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