Data Engineering and Power BI

Data Collection

As data that your business produces may leave in different places (CRM, ERP,  third-party systems, etc.) and have various formats, at one point it becomes important to have a unified storage system with consistent and easily accessible information. This will let organizations see the full and clear picture of their business state.

We provide services which cover all the steps to get data collected, reformatted and ready for use. This includes:

  • full implementation and support of data flow process
  • designing the structure of central data repository (being it a Data Warehouse or a structured reporting database)
  • making sure the final data store is sufficient for further analysis by data analysts and scientists

Power BI

Understanding collected data is not an easy task for business people, especially when looking at big tables in databases or excel spreadsheets. We all love pictures, so here data visualization comes, which helps get the context and significance of information by showing patterns, trends and correlations that are difficult to interpret in plain text form. And not only that, it also allows people to save a huge amount of time and work more efficiently.

Our data engineering team uses Power BI as a main Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool. Our expertise in data representation helps our clients to get a deep and actionable outcome for a broad range of business scenarios.

What you will get is:

  • Direct visual interaction with your data
  • Better understanding of operational & business activities
  • Trends identification to improve business performance. Data owners can make better, data-driven decisions
  • Advanced predictive analysis

Data Security

Business has to be confident that its data is being collected, processed and stored securely. We pay attention to protecting sensitive client data such as financial/payment statements, intellectual property and personal information.

We use the best practises and technologies that can support your company’s productivity while safeguarding data. These are:

  • Authentication and access control
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • Data masking
  • Backups & recovery
  • Monitoring and logging