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Azure consulting

Whether you’re already in Azure or considering moving, Reenbit can help you leverage Azure services that drive innovation, speed, and efficiency in your organization. Our experience in cloud applications will help you achieve your business goals. Our engineers always aware of the recent Azure services and we know how to build highly available, scalable and cost-effective systems in a cloud.

DevOps and CI/CD setup on Azure

Our DevOps experts will help to automate manual tasks and manage complex environments. We believe that gated build with all kinds of automated tests is a key factor for successful CI pipelines. Our team gained big experience in building fully automated CD pipelines and we know how using ARM templates and PowerShell easily achieve One-Click deployments. Architecture Setup

Cloud administration

You know that successfully deployed application to a cloud is only the first part of a journey. Our Azure experts can help you manage your new environment, finding ways to optimize, automate and make the most out of your Azure investment. We know that well-established monitoring and alerting systems along with automatic scaling allows you to react proactively rather than reactively before a problem might occur.

Migration to cloud

Whether you’re looking to migrate from on-premise to Azure or redesign existing applications for the cloud, our team will help you in this journey. Our experts will create a comprehensive migration plan with the right combination of cloud resources that will be effective for system performance and the cost of resources. And we do not just create Azure migration plan – we will implement it for you.


Security means a lot and we pay much attention to it. Our security experts will ensure that your cloud covered by industry-specific security standards. We know the most advanced security practices and ready to implement them into your products. The right configuration of Azure Active Directory will secure access to your cloud and Azure KeyVault will provide protection for your data and secrets.


Serverless architecture allows you to rapidly create scalable and cost-effective applications without the overhead of managing servers yourself. You no longer need to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run your applications – everything managed by the cloud. Azure provides a variety of serverless services like Azure Functions and API gateway or even Database now can be serverless